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Interior door has always been an important detail of the interior, thanks to it you can create a comfortable personal space where it will be simply pleasant to work, relax and spend time with friends and family.


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"Mavis" offers to buy interior doors in Chernivtsi


Beautiful and high-quality interior doors in the apartment - this is not a luxury, but a evidence of good taste. The doors are made of high-quality MDF-monotonous moisture resistant slab. Due to their high strength MDF doors have a higher moisture resistance than wooden doors. The modern technology, on which the interior doors are made, excludes the possibility that the door is being stretched or dried up.



Interior doors are made in the most original and extravagant design solutions. The doors are finished with PVC foil. On your choice more than 300 variants of colors.


We also offer you a wide choose of textured and art glass, which you can order from the catalogue or provide your own sketch. Inlaid glass, stained glass paintings will give your doors refinement.


Thermal and noise insulation

To increase heat and sound insulation along the perimeter of the door leaf a rubber seal is fixed.



Our interior doors are made on order, according to your individual sizes in the shortest possible term and at farm-gate prices.


Sliding interior doors are now becoming more widely used. Sliding doors are canvases, that by opening are displaced along special guides on on the walls. This system allows you to save space. Doors move along the upper guide. Such interior doors can be right and left, single and double, with movement along the wall or move into the wall. Unconventional solutions. Convenient and extravagant.


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