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By MDF painting, it is necessary to comply with the technological process.

MDF painting involves several stages. To ensure that the surface to be painted is smooth and flat, grinding is necessary.

Next, the product to be painted is treated with a primer-isolate. It penetrates well into the friable sections of MDF and the paint will not sag. After carrying out this operation, the product must be ground again.

The next stage of MDF painting involves applying from one to four layers of polyester or polyurethane primer, with intermediate grinding.

After that, one or two layers of polyurethane enamel are lay on to the product.

After that, the patina, which should be thoroughly mixed and applied by dry spraying, allow it to dry completely and partially wipe with scotchbreight, depending on the desired result. After that glossy enamel or varnish (glossy or matte), and only after that polish.

The final point by MDF painting - products drying. It is best to conduct the drying in a convective way. It should occur at a temperature of 20°C. Duration of products drying is from one and a half to two hours, deep dryness 8-10 hours. The relative humidity of the air must be constantly monitored, since the drying time depends on this. Only compliance with all necessary conditions can ensure a high-quality and long-term service of products. MDF painting, despite the apparent simplicity, requires professional training and experience.


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