On guard
Of your comfort!

For 12 years we have installed beautiful, warm and high-quality PVC products. Even after so many years, our first windows work flawlessly. Our specialists will help you to choose the design that best corresponds to all the criteria. We have a wide choice of accessories for your order: PVC profiles, accessories, double-glazed windows, window sills, ebbs, mosquito nets, etc.


We manufacture constructions of any kind: windows, balcony doors, entrance doors, balcony glazing, including heavy configuration.

We use a classic white profile and a profile laminated in any color at the request of the customer. In addition to rectangular white windows, we make design of various shapes:


  • standard rectangular windows
  • panoramic windows, the feature of which is the large size
  • arched and curved constructions, possibly a dumb manufacture
  • trapezoidal and triangular windows
  • transoms
Windows noise insulation

A lot of sounds are chasing us all day: when we go out on the street or are at work. From such a huge amount of noise, of course, until to the end of the working day, we become irritable. Where we can hide from external sounds, as not in own home? 

Depending on your needs and desires, "Mavis" can offer you single or double-glazed windows.

The single chamber double-glazed windows consist of two glasses and good protect the building from noise. But if you live near a noisy highway, then it will be more appropriate to reinsure by installing a two-chamber glass windows (three glasses). You can also install energy-saving double-glazed windows. Such double-glazed windows better reflect heat transfer from the outside. A room with energy-saving double-glazed windows will be slightly warmer in the heat than a room with ordinary double-glazed windows. And in winter will not allow the heat to leave your building.

Individuality of constructions

Also we offer the artistic glass treatment: stained glass, inlay, which will add to your windows and doors refinement and elegance.


The system of PVC profiles is made lead-free, only with the use of the technology of calcium-zinc. Thus metal-plastic windows do not contain harmful components. Plastic windows are an environmentally friendly and absolutely safe product for humans.


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